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Name:Aperture Science, Inc.
Location:A Promising Future in Which Our Products Play a Vital Role, United States of America
Website:Company Website
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fans of Science

Welcome! If you're here, you've expressed an interest in one or more of Aperture Science, Inc.'s many research projects, including, but not limited to, the Heimlich Counter-Maneuver, the Take-A-Wish Foundation, and the Portal Initiative. You may be aware that the public perception of these and other projects, products, and the company itself is something less than 100% positive. Well, information superhighway traveler, you're in luck! Aperture Science needs your help. With consumer-generated fan content like stories, (real or fictional!) artwork, and careful speculation of the wonders of science occurring in the hallways of Aperture Labs, (based on truth and/or creatively interpreted truths) you can help our company achieve popular support, government funding...and a healthy appreciation and admiration of your boundless talents.*

What are you waiting for? Join the Aperture Science Dreamwidth Community today and let your imagination run wild!

*If you do not have boundless talents, we strongly urge you to send a line of inquiry to the Human Enrichment & Testing Department to aid in resource acquisition. You can earn up to sixty whole dollars** by participating!
**1976 dollars. Actual monetary amount received may vary according to modern economic booms and/or crises.

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achievements, aerial faith plates, aperture science, asbestos, atlas, borealis, bottomless pits, brain waves, burning people, cake, caroline, cave johnson, chell, combustible lemons, conversion gel, deadly neurotoxins, eagles piloting blimps, escape pods, excursion funnels, glados, half-life, hard light bridges, heimlich counter-maneuver, hobos, mantis men, mashy spike plates, murdering people within 16 picoseconds, not black mesa, not making lemonade, only want you gone, orphans, p-body, pc, playstation 3, portal, portal 2, potato batteries, propulsion gel, repulsion gel, robots, science, screaming robots, shower curtains, space, stalemate buttons, steam, still alive, taking wishes, test subjects, testing, tests, the future, the part where he kills you, thermal discouragement beams, trophies, turrets, valve, weighted companion cubes, wheatley, xbox 360
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