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"Welcome, strange being from another planet, to Aperture Science.

Watch your step on your way out of the inter-dimensional hyper-spacial permanent time portal. I don't need no alien head mucus splattering the floor of my facility if you fall. The lab boys have said this is a terrible idea, so naturally we've gone right ahead and done it. If you'll continue on through the facility, it's very possible you'll see my track record with them. It's not pretty.

If any of you don't understand a word I'm saying, don't worry, we've prepared for that. There'll be an associate waiting for you to attach a translator to you. Now, don't worry. It might look scary but I promise you'll feel a lot better when you can speak English. That's a promise.

Since you're from all over the infinite dimensions out there, it's very likely you're not human. That's okay. As long as you're organic, you can be tested. For reference, my name's Cave Johnson. What you're hearing is a prerecorded message so don't try to talk back at me; I won't listen. Now get moving! And get testing. Remember, testing is the future, and the future starts with you."

Though you may expect to be in the hubbub of Aperture, this place you've fallen into is rusty and old. There's no associate waiting to hand you a translator, but there are some laying around in the ruins. The giant portal you've come through is still on, but if you try to go back through it you'll find yourself in a completely foreign place.

Any hope of returning to where you come from resides back in Aperture. Best get back soon before the portal disappears.

[community profile] aperturescience is a dressing room type setting open to any and all characters from all over the canon map. This includes anyone from Portal characters (yes, even Cave Johnson - have fun hearing yourself) to Pretty Little Liars and all the anime and manga and webcomics in between.

Come check it out! And join us. :)


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