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Hello! I have a thing to post! Not so much for SCIENCE, though. It's more like a vestige of the vague liberal arts degree that left you swimming in Propulsion Gel for that sweet $60. It's still nice, though.

Um, spoilers, I guess? Go finish the game, I mean come on May is more than halfway over already. Seriously, if for some reason you haven't seen the final cinematic, don't spoil yourself.

My favorite thing about the ending was absolutely the Great Grand Turret Opera. Even trolls on YouTube love it, so you know it's extra-special. Naturally it was very important that my phone belt it out as often as possible.

If you too would like to scramble to shut Ellen McLain up whenever you've forgotten to mute your phone in a quiet room, then here are some ringtones for you:

[Edited version, starting with the first lyric. I didn't want to have to answer the phone before the opera started, so yeah.]

Portal 2 Turret Opera.mp3
[Full version of the mp3. Includes TURRET DOOM, Turret Quartet, elevator sounds, et cetera in the beginning. ETA: Opera starts about 42 seconds in, so unless you're letting something go to voicemail, this is, for all intents and purposes, a Turret Quartet ringtone.]

Portal 2 Credits Song Want You Gone HD.mp3
[Full song. I feel a bit awkward using "I used to want you dead, but now I only want you gone" as a ringtone for friends and family, but it could apply in some cases?]

There. Portable reminders of your murderous ingratitude and flagrant disregard for the importance of non-potato-based scientific endeavors.

Date: 2011-05-21 11:43 pm (UTC)
terabient: Pokemon having a tea party :3 (Pokemon: Tea time!)
From: [personal profile] terabient

I have had a sucky default ringtone since forever but now I can replace it with PURE DELIGHT


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